Welcome to the Apocalypse

Xin is a teenager who lives during the apocalypse. She lives in a bunker and for safety she usually wears a gas mask. She’s bored, so she makes these crafts out of the supplies she has in her bunker. As a teenager who doesn’t have many sources of entertainment, crafts come in handy! Crafts for the Apocalypse is a book of easy crafts (and one snack) for tweens and teens
to enjoy. The book’s purpose is to keep tweens and teens off their phones and entertained during the pandemic, or any long time at home. The crafts are chosen to be easy and to use supplies that many people already own. Each craft has an illustration that shows Xin making or using each craft. This book is by a Girl Scout for the Girl Scout Silver award.
Click here to access the full-color version of the book

Click here to access the black and white version of the book

Tips for the Ice Cream in a Bag!

You can add chocolate powder into the milk, vanilla and sugar (If you do this add extra sugar)!
The ice mixture gets super cold! This not only freezes your fingers but causes a lot of condensation! I recommend doing this outside or with a washcloth nearby!
When finished be prepared to eat right away! The ice cream melts quickly.